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Analysis of Bottled Water Markets Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis of Bottled Water Markets - Coursework ExampleThe demand of bottled drinking water in the UK and the rest of the world have been rising steadily over the years. In the UK, the bottled water industry holds a significant share in the soft drinks industry. In 2011, 1682 million litres of bottled drinking water were consumed and the total drinking water bottle production was 1692 million litres. Per person consumption of bottled drinking water was 34 litres in 2011. People consumed bottled drinking water more than nectar juices, wine etc (British Bottled Water Producers, 2011). In the UK, drinking water consumption has increased drastically, that is why supplies have increased and bottled drinking water has become a necessity for many (Weissberg, 2008). The supply and demand of a product usually depends upon the price of the product and other economic factors (Jain and Khanna, 2007). However, in this particular case the price of the packaged drinking water does not have much impact on consumers as, water is a necessary beverage.

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